The bathhouse or sauna is a very special place for northern nations, were to feel themselves, get the inner power, free themselves of stress, revive the spirit, and be together with family members. In nature everything is changing and floating, nature doesn't love to be in a hurry and stress. Nature heals and feeds with true power. The bathhouse ritual is the process, in which nature and plants harmonize and make us stronger, the water restores the inner power and the sounds heals.

Just like we meet our country home "Ķeveiti", we found our bathhouse 10 years ago ... grown into alders, mountain ashes, ivas, and lindens ... half collapsed, gray, gray and beautifully suffocated old lady ... with little window-eye, which was watching us and inviting ... we helped her to reborn, log to log, board to board, respecting her time "wrinkles", tied up a new scarf, blown-in new breath un waited for the bathhouse soul or little bathhouse ghost (as we believe every bathhouse has) back ... and then we meet Laima and Laima meet our bathhouse ghost ... she said that he lives there and speaks with her! Laima is a wise woman and I believe her ... also because when the week is gone and we go Sunday evening to our bathhouse ... he feeds us just because we came and visit him!

Laima knows how to invite the little bathhouse ghost to a conversation with yourself and invites you to enjoy and taste the bathhouse ritual - heating, watering, whipping with the brooms of special plants, scrubbing, hardening with cold water, swimming in the pond, massaging with different oils, honey, amber powder, relaxing with song and bell sounds, plants and flowers tea. 

Call LAIMA, she can take you away in a leisurely journey to nature and yourself, stop the time for 4-5 hours, help recover your inner power, spirit and harmony.

Laima / +371 29257986