tasty pleasures
real homemade food


True LAMB SOUP, boiled on real fire, with our home  vegetables and greens, with a rye-bread hunk and a spoon of sour cream. 

5 EUR/a person

green cocktail

Directly from our meadows and gardens, with grasses and weeds - nettles and yarrows, a hoe and a  lady's mantle, spring onions and a garlic, a parsley and a basil, a sage and a thyme, a dill and a dandelion leaf, green peas strings and a kinza ... with a bite of our carrots/pumpkins/seeds snack "Ķeveitu Ķesītis".

2 EUR/200ml glass


A LAMB BURGER, roasted, crunchy bread, stuffed with a grilled lamb meat, a salad leaf from our garden and our original dressing.        

4 EUR/a burger


LAMB PILAF, prepared on real fire, with a rye-bread hunk and a homemade lemonade.

7 EUR/a person


Smoked and grilled LAMB KABANOS SAUSAGES, with fried potatoes slices, seasonal salads and a dressing of your choise.

4 EUR/a person

lamb samosas

LAMB SAMOSA, hot and crunchy, just removed from an oven, stuffed with a lamb meat.

2 EUR/a samosa

Home restaurant menu and degustation available by contacting in advance. It is possible to arrange the menu exactly for you.

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